The Spring

The Spring is a screendance project, supported by Arts Council England,

supported by Jerwood Arts & Yorkshire Dance through the Dance for Art’s Sake artist development programme. Its focus is on bringing together human and non-human bodies to explore and celebrate the complexity of the natural world and our place in it. Modern life and our exploitation of the living world is made possible by our anthropocentricity, by our collective withdrawal from the natural world and a refusal to respect either its significance, or its limitations. We have lost so much of ourselves in this process, and have committed so much violence against the biosphere that we are well on the way to making the entire planet uninhabitable for all but a tiny handful of species.

What happens if we radically reimagine our relationship with nature? What happens if we open  ourselves up to the possibility of radically loving our home planet and the lives we share it with?

I am currently in research and development (R&D), an exciting stage of learning about screendance, video art, cameras, shooting, editing, collaborating and making work for the screen. I am being mentored by Kyra Norman, artist, lecturer at Fal
mouth university and co-founder of International Screendance Journal, and Wilkie Branson, performer, choreographer and award-winning screendance artist.

Follow the progress of the project over on my blog, where I am publishing my process as I go along; a journal of works in progress, screen experiments, photos, texts, reflections, research responses and more.

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