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Edit is a dance theatre piece looking at the phenomenon of Gaslighting, a form of psychological abuse in which the victim’s experience of reality and trust in their perceptions is undermined to make them easier to control. The piece draws on cinematic influences and experimental narrative to bring the audience into its disorientating world.

With Edit, Madeline took a dark turn away from the humour and direct audience address of her previous shows including Little Terrors, Sex In Real Life and Here’s Looking At UKIP, to create a tense new work of dance fiction.

Edit was created as part of Northern Connections 2019, an artist development programme from The Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Spin Arts, and Yorkshire Dance, with support from Arts Council England.

The work was performed by and created in collaboration with Matilde Torres Laborde, Fern Grimbley, Matthew Winston and Oli Bell.

The other choreographers selected for Northern Connections 2019 were Akshay Sharma and Lizzie Klotz

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