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Of Kith and Kin

Of Kith and Kin image.png

‘He can’t call you both Dad. One of you should be Dad and the other one Daddy, surely?’ 

Daniel and Oliver are about to have their first baby. With their best friend, Priya, acting as surrogate, they’ve turned the study into a nursery and the bottles are sterilised. All that’s missing is the bundle of joy they’ve been pining for. 

But when Daniel’s chaotic mother gatecrashes the baby shower with a few home truths, the cracks in Daniel and Oliver’s relationship begin to show. Are they as ready for this as they think they are? And more importantly, is Priya? 

Everyone knows you can choose your friends. Chris Thompson’s gripping new comedy Of Kith and Kin takes us to the heart of what happens when we choose our family too.


Directed by Sheffield Theatres AD Robert Hastie, Assistant Director Madeline Shann

Cast: James Lance, Joshua Silver, Joanna Bacon, Chetna Pandya and Donna Berlin. 

A Bush Theatre and Sheffield Theatres co-production

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