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Little Terrors

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Little Terrors is a look at our unpredictable world through the eyes of someone who is afraid of pretty much everything. From clowns to climate change, rollercoasters to robot uprising, Madeline Shann takes us in disquieting detail through her deepest, darkest fears in search of some kind of bravery.

A dance theatre lecture, Little Terrors uses movement, storytelling, experimental sound design and any other means necessary to explain why life is terrifying.


This show is a darkly funny, poignant and ultimately hopeful look at our relationship with our fears, and how the cowardly can hope to find courage.


Little Terrors premiered in May 2014 at Accidental Festival at The Roundhouse in London and has since been performed across the country, including at UK Young Artists Festival, Plymouth Fringe Festival and Story City Festival. It was performed in Milan as part of  Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale in 2015.

“A treat. Inventive, surprising and intelligent. Just the sort of thing that audiences are crying out for.” Tom Roden, New Art Club

"Shann gives a convincing and sincere performance; her movement strong and comedic characterisation faultless." The Public Reviews

"Powerful, thought-provoking performance" audience member, Derby Theatre's From Scratch.

"Mindblowing" audience member, The Roundhouse

"As someone who's never seen a piece of 'dance' (as such) WHAT an amazing introduction" audience member, Derby Theatre's From Scratch.

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