Navigating the world of sex in the age of (mis)information, Sex In Real Life reimagines sex ed for the 21st century with explosive physicality, anarchic comedy, and one heck of a soundtrack.


A frank, funny and furious show about the things you are not told and have to find out the hard way.  About living up to the hype.  About being who you are and figuring out what you want.

"EVERYBODY needs to see this"
audience member

After a range of mishaps, misunderstandings and overdue revelations, I could not help but take the countries' feckless attempts at sex education personally, and felt it was time to intervene.

Sex In Real Life began with me being very nosy about other people's experiences of sex and its place in our culture, and turning my findings into several small solo works-in-progress. These were supported and showcased by Yorkshire Dance, West Yorkshire Playhouse, The Bare Project's Saturday Live, and The Civic (Barnsley)'s scratch night.

The project was awarded Arts Council Grants for the Arts funding for a research and development period, which took place at CAST Doncaster, and made it possible to extensively research the project further, gathering interviews, questionnaires and testimonies from sexual health workers, educators, and individuals across the UK and beyond. It also made it possible to audition for and recruit 8 super-talented performers who in turn brought their own experiences and perspectives to the work as it evolved.

The show was awarded Arts Council Grants for the Arts funding for further development, and was performed at Barnsley Civic's New Work Weekend.