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Madeline Shann is a versatile performer, skilled in movement, acting, comedy, physical theatre, music and singing. As well as performing in full productions like Sharp Teeth's punk feminist adaptation Polly: the Heartbreak Opera and RashDash's epic outdoor gig-theatre piece The Darkest Corners, she often works as a creative performer during R&D, creation, and other development phases. She has worked on creative processes in this capacity with Third Angel, Sleepdogs, Gracefool Collective, Travelling Light, Kaleider and Amy Draper.

Offstage she often works in director roles (including co-director, associate director and movement director), as an outside eye, or as a dramaturg.

Music is a large component of Madeline Shann's creative practice and work. She is a musician and songwriter and wrote original music for Polly the Heartbreak Opera, Sex in Real Life, Isley Lynn's adaptation of Lysistrata, and Here's Looking at UKIP. More info on music work here

She is always looking for new and exciting projects to be a part of, if you are interested in working with Madeline, contact her here.

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