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The Gravity


In 2019 Madeline was awarded the Naseem Khan commission for BAME artists from the Lowry, Leicester Curve and Bristol Old Vic for her new debut play The Gravity.

The Gravity is a study of loneliness and despair under neoliberalism, it draws on sci-fi, cinema, dipping in and out of alternate realities as it follows the protagonist's struggle with the world and obsessive thoughts of leaving it.

The piece is still in development, a work in progress was performed for Ferment Fortnight at Bristol Old VIc in February 2020 with Shala Nyx, Joanna Van Kampen and Yannick Budd, and video design by Limbic Cinema.

The work was supported by Arts Council England.

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Stills from the sharing of The Gravity at Bristol Old Vic as part of Ferment Fortnight, click to view next slide.

Recording of the live show at Bristol Old Vic's Ferment Fortnight

After work on the live version stalled because of the pandemic, I considered a different direction and potential media which can overcome the vulnerability and logistical challenges which live work faces.


These character and scene designs, illustrations and panels were created by Kat Williams who was brought onto the project as a new collaborator to explore new avenues and work on a new life for The Gravity.

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