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Photographing Task

These were stills I took as part of a task in my first mentoring session with Kyra Norman. Just going and getting 5 images. That was it, simple. And it’s amazing with images that after an initial frenzy of panicking that I’m not a photographer, I’ll find nothing, I don’t know what I’m looking for, old habits of trying to be too clever, too ambitious, overthinking… That when I just shut up, the images one by one simply stepped forward and introduced themselves. Hi, I’m gorgeous. Hi I’m funny, Hi I’m interesting. Hi, I’m an accident that looks like a set-up. Hi, I’m just here, take a snap, might as well. So funny how the brain so quickly absorbs the camera as a part of itself, and tunes into the visual. Just relax, and notice. Open up and notice, allow yourself to be excited. I love the dew on the wok-lid, I just think the texture is gorgeous. And I love the clothes rack and the curtain. The small and unremarkable suddenly becoming vast landscapes. Funny how a sense of possibility opens up doing this stuff. Looking, searching, devising. I can feel it in a totally different part of my brain than when I get excited about the IDEA of an idea, which happens a lot. When I’m planning it, or thinking about it, or pitching it or discussing it. That feels exciting. It feels real, my thoughts start branching and blossoming, and it’s great. But being in the moment where the art is actually happening, when you’re riffing and playing and discovering, I can really feel that happening somewhere completely different in my mind. It feels like this newness will be a huge asset for what I'm trying to achieve with the project, gently disrupting perspective.

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