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Forest improvisation

I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC "Kiss the Sky" by Audio Bullys

Dancer: Azzie McCutcheon

This experiment in the woods led to a very useful discovery for me; that static camera is not going to serve my purposes in this project at all. Despite the forest feeling wild and alive and kinetic, the moment the camera is still, it just feels like a document of a live work on a well-decorated stage, and I feel we lose a lot of the intimacy and energy that both Azzie and the surroundings were offering. It really solidified my understanding of the need to think of the camera as an agent and not a passive witness.

Still, I took the footage I got as an opportunity to play more with choreographing in the edit, and responding to a track.

It's not a style I'm going for in The Spring specifically but it was a fun way to bring some play and cheekiness back into what I managed to get on film, and something I'm sure I'll come back to in later projects, although I'll be much more careful to keep the camera perfectly still(!)

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