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The Red Shoes at FEVA Festival

After several months devising feet-first with Four Shadows Theatre Company, choreographing tap, line dance, jigs, and skanking routines, learning songs and devising the story, we completed our adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's The Red Shoes. We performed a selection of the songs in Acomb's ADAM Festival, which we travelled to from York on the road, pushing the set - a metal-framed double bed with wheels - all the way.

We premiered the show in its entirety at FEVA Festival in Knaresborough. We had originally been billed in the town square, but it rained torrentially and thankfully they were able to host us where a fairytale book adaptation feels quite at home - in the library. It is true that some of the sinister singing made a small child cry, and it is also true that our special effects set off the fire alarm, but Knaresborough seemed to enjoy the show so much, they were happy to forgive us.

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