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Little Terrors premiere

I performed Little Terrors at the Roundhouse as part of Accidental Festival and it went down a storm. Somehow despite the month of preparation, moments before being called I was still sitting in the Camden Barfly with a lime soda frantically making last-minute adjustments to a prop. With the amount of blood, sweat and almost-tears that went into those last couple of adrenaline-pumped hours I think speed-sewing should qualify as an extreme sport. However, this drama aside, I arrived smoothly at the end of the show with the same death-cheater's relief I used to feel stepping from a safely-landed aeroplane, with many thanks to Caroline Milsom and Patrick Dishman for teching the show on the fly. The audience were fantastic; laughing, crying, shrieking in terror, and I got a really wonderful response after the show, though apparently I need to work on toning down my delight that I made people cry.

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