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Countdown to the Little Terrors premiere

With just over a month to go before premiering the show at Accidental Festival at the Roundhouse, I went to York for a final week of R&D in the rehearsal spaces at York Theatre Royal. YTR, in particular the artistic director Damian Cruden, who admirably insists that the theatre belongs to the people who use it, have been incredibly supportive of the project since I first showed a work in progress at their Imaginarium event.

Five 12-hour days of dancing, scripting, improvising, practising, throwing props around and rolling about on the floor later, and I had a show. Finally! Performance poet and theatre maker Henry Raby, writer Jack Appleton, and director and performer Ruby Clarke very kindly gave up their time to give feedback and advice, so now there’s just time to test run the new material in front of a larger audience, and then it’s ready for the Roundhouse!

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