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The Spring


The Spring is a screendance short, bringing together human and non-human bodies to explore and celebrate the complexity of the natural world and our place in it.


Modern life and our exploitation of the living world is made possible by our anthropocentricity, by our collective withdrawal from the natural world and a refusal to respect either its significance, or its limitations. We have lost so much of ourselves in this process, and have committed so much violence against the biosphere that we are well on the way to making the entire planet uninhabitable.

What happens if we reimagine our relationship with nature? What happens if we open ourselves up to the possibility of radically loving our home planet and the lives we share it with?

The Spring has been shown at Bristol Mayfest, No Dress Code, WeWonder Noir festival, Boat Live’s Spring equinox, POOL 22 international Tanzfilmfestival Berlin and Fringe of Colour 2023. f

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The Shoot

The Screenings

Audience Feedback:

Q. How would you describe this piece to a friend?

A. "Green Planet on magic mushrooms" "Beautiful movement of nature and body in nature, powerful." "Hauntingly beautiful" Conscious Incredible stunning at times witty cinematography, seamlessly blending nature and movement and breath" "Evocative, beautiful, ethereal" "organic, quiet, raw" "That we are all connected to each other and to this earth, interconnectedness!" "hope and possibilities" "amazing images and very well edited" "the surrealism of nature"

Q. How did it make you feel?

"relaxed. curious" "relaxed - nature and sounds thriving earth" "full of promise" "would have liked to see more from the dancer" "peaceful, awe" "I would have liked to see the performer earlier in the film than we saw her! Gorgeous film otherwise" "safe" "Peaceful and at harmony with life" "cerebral, beautiful, wonder" "going back to our roots and ancestry" "Lovely textures, soft and immersive"

Q. What (if anything) did it make you think about?

A. "Human is nature, climate harmony, Black magical thinking" "Loved the texture of bark, stone, moss, skin. The moment when she (finally) looks at us - u - powerful." "I absolutely loved this film. It made me think of climate crisis, capitalism, colonialism. Extraction versus harmony." "Cliche but the circle of life. Our being nature and not separate from it." "interconnectedness, of life, the body, nature" "Beautiful! The film made me feel calm and at ease. I felt transported into a world that I knew, but felt like I didn't. It opened space to sit and appreciate nature." "Reconnecting with nature. Breathing, connecting, slowing down" "How beautiful our Earth is. Made me want to go and sit in a forest and watch a spider make a web."

The Film

The Workshop

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